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Welcome to Ajaccts

Cloud-based tax-filing software for Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment, VAT and Payroll.

Why Choose Ajaccts for all your tax compliance?

We have the software you need for meeting all you tax filing requirements with HMRC. Whether it is just end-of-year filing or a full bookkeeping and filing service. We can support you using the software yourself, or we can provide a full managed service to cover all your record-keeping and filing requirements.

All your tax compliance filed direct to HMRC

From Payroll and VAT(MTD), to the annual CT/SA returns, Ajaccts provides any one service that you need or the full suite that you have been looking for. We are on the HMRC recognised software supplier list for all of the above.

Cloud Accounting Software

Goodbye to your mix of spreadsheets and software packages, and hello to a single cloud service that covers all your business needs. You input your sales and upload your receipts and our software automatically creates digital records and produces your accounts and VAT/SA/CT tax return. You just review it and you are done.

Best Practice Business Management

This isn't just about filing tax returns, this is about having software to help you run and grow your business. Our analytics packages help you to drive your business in the right direction, and our tax filing packages just drop out the tax returns to HMRC as and when needed.

About us

We are a small company focussed on innovative accountancy software for small businesses.

Our main product is our cloud-based accountancy software, but we are unique in having a team of bookkeepers as well to give you a full managed service if you require.

We are recognised by HMRC for all aspects of tax filing and are part of the MTD revolution for VAT and self-assessment.

We are focussed on giving you tools to help you manage your business and take away the time spent on record-keeping

Why did we start ?

We started our software in 2014 to help a few local businesses manage all their accounting records and tax returns in one place. We realised that people used different packages for VAT, payroll, self-assessment and set out to have a single piece of software that handled all of these.

How have we grown ?

We have grown from 3 to 500 customers worldwide, and the original 3 are still with us and going strong. Our customers know our support team and come back year after year. We have never done any marketing beyond a single web-page as we want to grow without compromising our product/support.

Where are we going ?

We are fully committed to intelligent automation of all aspects of record-keeping accounting and filing. Each year our software takes on more of your routine tasks, leaving you to act as checker and big-thinker. Now the software starts to be your digital assistant - reminding you what needs doing, and pointing you at an signs of trouble

We continue to work closely with HMRC to make sure we are following latest legislation/guidance and then pass this knowledge on to you.


We offer a range of services, from end-of-year tax return filing, through to a full digital record-keeping and managed accountancy service with all tax compliance included.

You can use the software and do-it yourself; you can load receipts and we do the rest for you; or some hybrid to suit you.

Whichever you choose you get the benefit of our support, and of all our software business analytics to help you manage your business.

Corporation Tax (CT600)

We specialise in filing CT600 returns with customers based all around the world. Many come to us when they realise their bookkeeping software doesnt support filing CT600. First they use us to file the CT600 then they upgrade and use us end-to-end

Self Assessment (SA100/SA800)

All aspects of Individual and Partnership returns. We are also working with HMRC on their new MTD ITSA project that will involve quarterly reporting for Sole Traders and Landlords. This is mandatory in 2024, but we are looking for trial customers now !!


We provide a payroll software module that you can run yourself or use us as a managed payroll bureaux. Payslips are emailed to employees; reports are emailed to you. It is fully integrated with the accounting and analytics software to give you a complete view of the business.


We support all usual VAT schemes such as Margin, Retail and Flat-Rate. We support import VAT postponed and schemes such as partially-exempt. We have been part of the MTD VAT scheme for several years now.

Bookkeeping Service

Create professional invoices with your logo on. Connect to your Google drive to upload your purchases and receipts, in a paper-free process. By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you can focus on what you do and making money. We offer a range of bookkeeping services, tailored to what you need, starting from £75pm.

Business Analytics

We have a wide range of analytics that help you manage your business day-to-day. Graphs and pie-charts make it easy to see trends and you can even have alerts when an analytic goes amber or red.


We offer a wide range of software and services, with pricing tailored to indivudal needs. Below are examples of pricing for Corporation Tax (CT600). Contact us for other pricing.


£150 / submission

  • File CT600
  • Input yourself using our software
  • Input checked by our software
  • Support from our team as you need
  • Companies House
  • Bookkeeping


£220 / submission

  • File CT600
  • Ajaccts staff inputs from your prepared P&L, Balance Sheet
  • Input checked by our software
  • We submit to HMRC for you
  • Submit to Companies House
  • Bookkeeping



£375 / submission

  • File CT600
  • Ajaccts software produces Accounts from your bookkeeping records (spreadsheet)
  • Input checked by our software
  • We submit to HMRC and Companies House for you
  • Bookkeeping
Our Mission

Supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and small businesses to keep good records, stay tax compliant, maximise their profits and thrive.

Our Plan

By using our knowledge, experience and tech, we will keep good records and get your tax returns right first time. We will help you to achieve your goals.

Our Vision

Providing software and services that are easy to use and understand, and which enable customers to feel confident they are getting their tax right first time. Every customer can focus on what they do and achieve their goals whilst leaving the bookkeeping and tax filing to us.

Our Care

We spend time to learn your industry and adapt our services for each client. We give support tailored to your business.


We are a team of software people and bookkeeping people.


Annette Baldwin

Director & Bookkeeper

John Baldwin

Director & Software Developer

Victoria Parry

AATQB Bookkeeper

Adam Whittington

Owner & Founder - Castle EVS Pre-owned Tesla Dealer

AJACCTS have been taking care of my bookkeeping and tax compliance for 8 years. It has freed me up to focus on my business. The team give me up to date data to help me make business decisions and ensure I am continuing to build a profitable enterprise

Gullistan Robert

Owner & Founder - Elan Rose Ltd.

AJACCTS assist me since the early stage of establishing my company. Their rigorous approach to follow up all information assure that I do not miss anything. Ajaccts portal is user friendly, simple and I keep adding new features to develop my business.

James Cousins

Owner & Founder - Geekawhat Media Group Ltd.

The team at AJACCTS have been with me since the day I incorporated the business 6 years ago, guiding me every step of the way. They manage our day to day bookkeeping, payroll and tax returns - we've never had a single issue and really appreciate the personal, helpful service.

Bruce Robinson

Bruce Robinson

Groves Residents Association

I always dreaded the end of the financial year attempting to submit my accounts to HMRC and Company House. Then I found Annette at Ajaccts. I now just forward my accounts to Annette and within a short period the accounts have been prepared for approval then submitted using her accounting knowledge. For me, completely stress free. Annette is polite, friendly and efficient. I appreciate her ability every year and now have no worries in regard to this issue. Thank you Annette. I highly recommend your firm to any business who needs or desires professional support. Furthermore, in my estimation the cost is true value for money.


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